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Sun Sep 30 22:03:41 CDT 2018

The first PCG-area Quality Report for the 2018 crop was released this past week from the Lamesa Classing Office. The report is available online from a link on PCG's web site at http://www.plainscotton.org.

These reports also are available directly from this page: http://www.plainscotton.org/qualityreports2018.html where all available weekly reports for the 2018 season will be listed and linked.

The Lamesa office began their season this week, classing 673 samples. About 82% of the bales classed are color grade 31 and better. Average leaf is 3.01. Average length is 36.04. Average micronaire for the week is 4.26.

You can see the Lamesa report at:

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