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EVERYTHINGLUBBOCK.COM - ‘Celebrate cotton' week: Make sure you're buying cotton apparel


September 12, 2018
By Victoria Larned

LUBBOCK, Texas - Saturday is Texas Tech's seventh annual Celebrate Cotton Game as they team up with Plains Cotton Growers to bring attention to the industry. Many people will be wearing white to represent the booming industry in West Texas. But if you plan to buy a shirt this week, make sure to check the tag.

"When you go into a store, a lot of the apparel you see now have a lot of polyester in it. Man-made fibers, as far as blends go, we want to use cotton. Even a little bit, but I think especially this week, it's extremely important that we want to be 100 percent cotton," said Brady Raindl, owner of Cotton Row Clothiers.

The cotton industry brings over $1 billion to Lubbock every year, said Mary Jane Buerkle, with Plains Cotton Growers and wants people to show their support this weekend.

"The Celebrate Cotton Game is a tremendous relationship between the university and cotton industry. It's a way to recognize the importance of the cotton industry to this area," she said. 

"We are extremely proud to be a part of the cotton game, celebrating with Texas Tech. It's super cool that we've got such support from not only the community, but we can rally around Texas Tech and the football program and just celebrate something extremely important to the Lubbock economy and just supporting farmers," said Raindl. 

When shopping for apparel before the big game, make sure to check the tag for 100 percent cotton, or at least above a 50 percent blend, said Buerkle.  
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