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MYFOXLUBBOCK.COM - Lamb County elementary students learn about agriculture


Reported by: Rebecca Rivers
Email: rrivers at fox34.com
Updated: 3:16 pm 5/12
About 240 Lamb County fourth graders got a little break from the classroom to learn first hand about one of the state's largest contributors to the economy, agriculture. 

Logan Newsom is the County Extension Agent heading up the field day and said that even though some local children are growing up on farms and ranches, everyone has the chance to learn something new. 

"Even the kids that maybe feel a little more comfortable or that have been around agriculture a little more, they always seem to take something new away from the presentation that they didn't know prior to the field day," Newsom said. 

Commodity groups, producers and numerous other agriculture organizations all take part in teaching the school children about local ag production. Steve Johnson is the president of Lamb County Farm Bureau and said that he likes seeing the students meet the farmers who grow their food. 

"We talk about the fact that there is a face and people that are growing these commodities, and we want to talk to them about how it's produced and what value it is, not only to us as producers but to the economy in general, in Lamb County and in the state," Johnson said. 

Throughout the field day, students learn about numerous crops and livestock that are produced right in their backyard. 

"Whether it's talking about beef and swine production, there's also presentations about peanut production, cotton production, they'll go through presentations as far as grain production, and learn some information about that," Newsom said. "And at the same time, we've got some fun activities like the Buffalo Wildlife Refuge that do some entertaining activities." 

"We're doing a station with wheat, corn, and grain sorghum and the kids love hands on exhibits," Johnson said. "I actually dug up some wheat yesterday out of one of my fields and they love to see the wheat that's growing. It's just interesting to them to see how you can take one grain, plant it, and it grows into a corn stalk. We'll plant one seed and it will make an ear that has 860 kernels." 

Students from six Lamb County schools participated in the annual event. Amherst, Olton, Springlake, Earth, Sudan, and Littlefield all brought eager students.  

"The United States is known for having the safest food in the world, and we want to educate them on how it's grown and how safe it is," Johnson said.  

Lamb County fourth graders now know a little more about where and who their food comes from.

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