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MYFOXLUBBOCK.COM - More time to get farm bill done than originally thought


Reported by: Rebecca Gotti
Email: rgotti at fox34.com
Updated: 10:53 am Monday, September 30, 2013
The end of September has arrived and it has come sooner than Congress may have wanted. 

The 2013 farm bill expires today, after months of debate and disagreements both the House and Senate have finally come up with their own versions of new farm policy. 

However they have failed to get the bill to conference.

But Tom Sell with Combest, Sell and Associates said time hasn't actually run out just yet. 

And the debt ceiling also running out the middle of this month may just help push the farm bill higher on Washington's priority list.

"Certainly there is a good opportunity that the farm bill, which saves between 20 and 40 billion dollars, depending on which version they finally hammer out, is one of the very unique bills within Congress right now that actually produces savings to the taxpayer," Sell said. "So it's very likely that the farm bill could get attached to a larger bill that would address the debt ceiling or the continuing resolution that's provisions of the appropriation funds that will keep the government running. So for crops that are marketed throughout the year, the real deadline in January 1, so we will have what's called the dairy cliff, the prospect that if the farm bill doesn't get done, the dairy law reverts back to some 1938 law which really impacts the marketing of dairy products. So that dairy cliff really makes the January 1 deadline the true deadline for when to get this farm bill done."

So now it seems the clock is still ticking through January 1st.   

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