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HPWD.COM - HPWD President Tate Talks Water Issues With Randall County Producers


LUBBOCK, Texas- (September 27, 2013) High Plains Underground Water Conservation District (HPWD) President Lynn Tate addressed approximately 90 farmers and ranchers during the recent Randall County Ag Day and Crops Tour in Canyon.

Tate updated the attendees on current and future water projects the Board plans to accomplish. In addition, the Board has reinstated the district’s County Advisory Committees to provide more local input in groundwater management decisions. 

“The real question is: What do we want to do as a District?” Tate said. “We believe reinstating the county advisory committees will strengthen the communication and cooperation between District constituents and the Board of Directors.

While local issues were the forefront of conversation, Tate also discussed legislative results from this year’s session.

Most of the water-related legislation introduced during the 83rd Texas Legislature dealt with funding of the State Water Plan.  House Bill 4, creating the State Water Implementation Fund (SWIFT), will be up for a vote in November. Tate explained HB 4 would take $2 billion from the “Rainy Day” fund to divert capital to water infrastructure across the state.

The bill  also restructures the Texas Water Development Board from six part-time appointed members to  to three full-time appointed members.

As water issues become more prevalent statewide, decisions on how to maintain current local supply and future demand planning will be necessary for sustainability.

“We’ve got to decide as a group what the rules should be,” Tate said. “There are several decisions to make. We need to find the best ways to achieve these goals for every water user within the District," Tate said.

Created in 1951 by local residents and the Texas Legislature, the High Plains Underground Water Conservation District No. 1 is charged with the responsibility of conserving, preserving, protecting, and preventing waste of groundwater within its 16-county service area.  The High Plains Water District is the first underground water conservation district created in Texas.


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