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MYFOXLUBBOCK.COM - Recent rainfall helpful, but water management still a must


Reported by: Josh Koch
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Updated: 8:38 am 8/23/13

The rainfall in the last few weeks has been helpful to local producers as some were able to shut off their wells for a little bit. But they have to be careful for how long they have their wells shut down. 

"If you shut off for too long, you'll get behind real quick," Barry Evans, a local cotton farmer said. "So you really have to be calculating what that cotton is using so you don't get behind. So on my farm I'll get about three days we can cut off. If you cut off much more than that you get behind. You really have to start watering before you really need to on the first because the last is going to be dry by the time you get to it." 

The rain will need to continue to help get the cotton to harvest season. And Jody James of the National Weather Service spoke at a TAWC field walk earlier this month about the longterm forecast for the area and the possibility of getting out of the drought even more. 

"We are excited about the rainfall situation and we hope it continues," James said. "Of course we can always look forward to in September and October maybe getting a Pacific or Atlantic tropical storm or remnants of a hurricane up here. Sometimes that's maybe too much rain but there's hope of that. If we had that like we did about three years ago with Alex that would definitely put another nail in the coffin for the drought."

Despite the recent moisture, much of the South Plains is still being categorized as suffering from severe to exceptional drought according to the latest U.S. drought monitor.

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